Ode to Mel Gibson

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By Roberta N. Tuthill 

One day an inspiration came to one whose name is Mel,

To dramatize a Story that turned many souls from hell.

He didn’t claim to be “a saint,” and we all show we’re not,

But many were set free, who in sin’s web had been caught!


Knowing, as his future might hold small, or large, mistakes,

Some would say: “His story has a need for some out-takes.”

But he knew Jesus out-takes sin, even though most flagrant,

Whether folk of high esteem, or faults of lowly vagrant!


While those in rank self-righteousness disdain the vessel used,

Pull “righteous robes” aside, and say: “Consider me excused!”1

Those of us who recognize we’re all just shaped from sod,

Humbling selves, as Jesus said, we’re fit for use by God!


So next time someone trips and falls, along the Righteous Way,

Take heed: “All are susceptible,” so take care what you say!

A man named Saul, who became Paul, when he saw the Light,

Turned many souls to righteousness, from hell as dark as night!


To Mel, I’d raise my glass in toast to one who disregarded

All of those who would kibitz; their words could be discarded!

The Story born within his heart was borne with much success;

As King Saul learned; “Obedience is judged as righteousness”!2



Dedicated to Mel C. Gibson, Actor, Producer-Director of The Passion of the Christ.
©12/22/2013 8-3 pm  Roberta N.Tuthill (1923-) TX-born double DAR-DAC, & DACW.

Sharable intact with complete credit line. Request permission to reproduce for sale.

 (Lu. 14:16-24). http://www.namethathymn.com/hymn-lyrics-detective-forum/index.php?a=vtopic&t=8284

2 “Obedience is better than sacrifice, and heeding than the fat of rams” (1 Sam. 15:22-28).


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 Magnificant Hawaii Sunrise
Photos by Sue Charles / NW Native Media
All rights reserved

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