A Worthy Risk

Desiring God’s best for you and yours, with a healthy, wealthy, and wise New Year!

First the Story, “before” the poem: Convinced that the first two lines of this first poem were only the beginning, I copied them here anyway, as food for thought. But four more came as I recalled an experience in Oceanside CA, when I witnessed to an offended neighbor of Evelyn Wyatt’s nephew. For offending, I apologized, but not for telling him Jesus is alive, and wanted to bless him!  (12/31/2007 1:30 pm, 1/1/2008 11:30 am) 



 I risk offending in hopes of ending ignorance of Jesus’ love;  

For our sins He died, for us crucified, for sins He was not guilty of.  

If offense I gave, the way I behaved, for offense, please, now forgive,  

Not sorry I shared, just know that I cared enough to want you to live  

Forever with Him, who paid for our sin, and opened wide Heaven’s door.  

Not fit for God’s Place without Jesus’ grace, that’s what He gave His life for!  


–Roberta N. Tuthill, Copyright 1/1/2008

Dedicated to Dale Collins, whose New Year’s email inspired completion. 


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