St. Nick’s Perspective

 Baby Melania and Santa



As Christmas drew near, the Christ we revere gave this rhyme for His Special Day!   

New words came so quick, with thoughts of St. Nick, in my mind I heard Santa say:

“Dads, Moms, girls and boys, don’t focus on toys, instead of our Savior so dear,

He is the Reason for this blest Season, and I want to make that quite clear!  

“When I was a lad my heart was quite sad, long before my name joined ‘the saints’!

If facts were made known, before His Light shone in my heart, a few made complaints!

I confess some acts, done by boys in packs, included my part in their ranks,

But one day I vowed, confessing out loud: ‘Please forgive me, Lord, for my pranks?’ 

“By His grace bestowed, Christ lifted the load of my sin confessed there that day,

The Jesus I’d spurned, I very soon learned, had paid the debt I could not pay! 

 No virtue of mine, not one could I find, as I searched my heart and my soul,

To justify Him forgiving my sin, for cleansing and making me whole!  

“Whatever the name attached to my fame, be it St. Nick, or Santa Claus,  

Take time, bow your head at His manger-bed, take time in your shopping to pause!

No matter which name you use for my fame, remember, when I come in view,

That same Baby died, for you crucified! I love Him; you should love Him, too”! 


– Roberta N. Tuthill, Copyright 12/22/2007, All Rights Reserved.   


 Dedicated to Dr. Thomas Wyatt (12/22/1891 – 4/19/1964),  Founder-Minister, Wings of Healing Worldwide Radio & Missions Ministry (1942-64)

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  1. Beautiful Poem! And perfect for the season! Thank you!

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