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Bless My Car, O Lord

In times of life’s hustle and bustle it’s a reminder of the words penned a number of years ago – a prayer for my car – and refined in 2005; put to the tune of “Bless This House, O Lord, I Pray”.

Bless My Car, O Lord

By Roberta N. Tuthill

[To the tune of “Bless This House, O Lord, I Pray”]

Bless my car, O Lord, I pray, Keep it safe by night and day,

Bless its battery and hood, Keep its starter working good,

Bless its fenders, wheels and tank, Thank you, Lord, it need no crank,

Bless its headlights, tail lights too, And its mirrors that give rear view.

 Bless its doors that swing about, to get in and then get out,

Bless its shock absorbers, springs, Crankcase, plugs and piston rings,

Bless its universal joints, Bless its valves and breaker points,

Bless its filters, oil and air, All four tires and yes, the spare.

Bless its windshield and its wiper, Bless its muffler and tail pipes,

Bless its heater and its fan, Its radiator and its pan,

Bless its brakes and engine too, Give long life for it’s not new,

Bless the windows shining bright, Letting in your heavenly light,

Keep it safe by night and day, And I’ll thank you Lord, alway.

Bless My Car Lyrics by Roberta N. Tuthill Copyright 2005

[Original “Bless This House” by Helen Taylor and Mary Brahe]