Wealth, the Essence of Time!

Magnificant Hawaii Sunrise


  Our Time is of irretrievable worth,

Used well it can engender wealth;

But when it’s spent only on things of earth,

We’re robbed by old Lucifer’s stealth!


We’re blest at birth with a life-full of time,

Only God knows how long to last,

So use it wisely in life’s daily climb,

To have no regrets when it’s past!


   Awesome respect for the Creator’s Word

Is where knowledge and wisdom start,

So study the Bible, your mind to gird,  

And take all its lessons to heart! 


   Covet most dearly the joy of the Lord,

In His presence, you’ll find it There!

His Word take in hand, your defensive Sword,

Great wisdom with others to share!


The blessing of God is what makes one rich,

No sorrow He adds to the sum.

Not by our own wisdom or cunning wits,

By His might we will overcome!  


–Roberta N. Tuthill, C 12/31/2007 8:40 am+3hrs.

(To my sister, Bessie Tuthill Thompson, 12/31/1911-6/3/2006)

    P.S. The “light” turned on 12/31 at 8:40, completed 11:40 am 


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