Night Before Easter



by Roberta N. Tuthill

‘Twas the night before Easter, and there in the tomb

Lay the crucified Savior, wrapped like a cocoon,

But the darkness gave way as the Angel drew near,

And the guards fell like dead men, none lifting a spear.


With the stone rolled aside by the Angel’s strong arm,

The grave being empty gave the women alarm!

When they hastened to take the disciples the word,

They hardly believed the report that they heard!


They ran to the tomb and confirmed it was true,

But, being perplexed, didn’t know what to do!

As they gathered together much later that day,

Their hearts were made glad when they heard Jesus say:


“Peace be unto you; as my Father sent Me,

Even so send I you* over land, over sea,

To make more disciples and tell the Good News:

If they take Me as Savior, their sins I’ll excuse.”


Like the thief on the Cross who repented that day

Was accepted by Jesus, the Life, Truth and Way,

Even so can you enter the Paradise Gate –

Just accept His forgiveness; please, don’t wait too late!


–Roberta N. Tuthill, Copyright 08/16/2006

*John 20:21






by Roberta N. Tuthill

It’s just a quick note with assurance of prayers

For divine intervention in all your affairs.

May all your concerns be dissolved by God’s grace,

So gen’rously tendered toward man’s sinful race!


Like a sonic device locates planes that are downed,

Assisting brave rescuers down on the ground

To locate the lost ones, though sight be impaired,

And bring them to safety, such precious lives spared!


Even so we walk now, by faith not by sight;

To our feet a Word-lamp…and to our path a light.

When suffering anguish, pain not understood,

It’s hard to know how God might work it for good.


Homing in on our faith, like a beam, Christ on high,

Reminding us always that He lingers nigh.

Faith’s “mustard seed,” small, yet so mighty to save,

Emits a strong signal, from land, or sea’s wave. 


So prayers will continue, they’re based on His Word.

The promise of Jesus, by ailing ones heard,

Has not been rescinded, nor weakened in power,

Brings glory to God in this world’s darkened hour!


   — Roberta N. Tuthill, Copyright 1/15/2009 1-3 pm

       Dedicated to John W. Cooke, for whom it was given.

Keep Christmas In America


By Sue Charles

Yes, it’s Christmas in America! Excitement fills the air!

But Christmas Trees and Manger Scenes cause tension everywhere.

The Atheists build signs of hate and post them in plain view,

And cause a stir of stress and fear – but this is nothing new.


They use the Christmas season – meant for peace on earth, good will,

And turn it upside down with all their hate and threats, but still

The people keep on singing, as shopping they will go,

Tuning out each hostile voice meant to make the crushing blow


The hate-filled voices of the few don’t mean we all must bow

To their ridiculous demands that say all good must go.

We must not melt in fear and shame when the godless few

Stomp their feet in tantrums, as if they were only Two. 


Throughout the ages many tried to crush Christmas altogether,

But the remnant of truth will always keep God’s work forever.

So, celebrate what’s right and true; and kindness, hope and joy

That’s meant for hearts of young and old, for every girl and boy.


This nation is a light of hope, a beacon far and near.

We must stand tall, and sing, and pray and even shed a tear

For those who seek to destroy us all, our freedoms and our land.

And everyone who sees our flag and covers heart with hand.


We pray a blessing on our people, nation and our land

And keep our hope in God above to watch over as we stand

In courage and in strength, committing ourselves to good

And lend a hand to those less blest, as every person should.


So, when the hateful few shout out their message dark and drear,

Just keep in mind that Christmas is a special time of year

To celebrate the Christ child’s birth, to spread the good word too

That all can have that joy and peace with spiritual renew.


So, sing the carols, tie the bows and light the Christmas tree,

Say “Merry Christmas” in the mall, the neighborhood, and street.

Keep Christmas in America, hear Choirs far and wide,

Proclaim the season’s hope and peace, and joy of Christmas tide.  


~ Sue Charles © Copyright 12-08-08

Read More about this poem and what inspired it’s writing CLICK HERE.


Bless My Car, O Lord

In times of life’s hustle and bustle it’s a reminder of the words penned a number of years ago – a prayer for my car – and refined in 2005; put to the tune of “Bless This House, O Lord, I Pray”.

Bless My Car, O Lord

By Roberta N. Tuthill

[To the tune of “Bless This House, O Lord, I Pray”]

Bless my car, O Lord, I pray, Keep it safe by night and day,

Bless its battery and hood, Keep its starter working good,

Bless its fenders, wheels and tank, Thank you, Lord, it need no crank,

Bless its headlights, tail lights too, And its mirrors that give rear view.

 Bless its doors that swing about, to get in and then get out,

Bless its shock absorbers, springs, Crankcase, plugs and piston rings,

Bless its universal joints, Bless its valves and breaker points,

Bless its filters, oil and air, All four tires and yes, the spare.

Bless its windshield and its wiper, Bless its muffler and tail pipes,

Bless its heater and its fan, Its radiator and its pan,

Bless its brakes and engine too, Give long life for it’s not new,

Bless the windows shining bright, Letting in your heavenly light,

Keep it safe by night and day, And I’ll thank you Lord, alway.

Bless My Car Lyrics by Roberta N. Tuthill Copyright 2005

[Original “Bless This House” by Helen Taylor and Mary Brahe]





                       IRAQI FREEDOM GOAL!


Survivors of the Germany where Hitler’s henchmen reigned,

Would surely have more sympathy for those ruled by Hussein!

Instead of criticizing the “Iraqi Freedom” aim,

They’d realize that liberation is a noble claim.


Our men and women fighting there ‘gainst degradation’s rule

Are teaching many children what it means to go to school,

To have a goal of living, and their longings to fulfill!

Pursuing dreams of happiness, not thousands they might kill,


The common people soon perceived our troops mean only good,

To give them hope of living in a peaceful neighborhood,

Where fear and apprehension could be taken far away,

Instead of their “companions” every moment of the day


There’s really no comparison with Hitler’s vast blitzkrieg,

Determining to overthrow all Nations in The League,

It’s not the common people who resist our troops’ advance,

The war would soon be over if the people had a chance.


Our troops face opposition from the tyrants, for control

Of ev’ry thought and notion, lest the people reach their goal

Of self-determination, a respectful livelihood,

To stop the subjugation, and the wanton shedding blood!


Imposing western ways on lands of Japheth, Ham, and Shem

Is not the aim of those who dream of liberating them.

Devising ways to reach their goals; though Poet’s words repeat*

That “East and west shall never…” in the Bible’s God we’ll meet!


            — Roberta N. Tuthill, Copyright 1/19 & 2/10/2008

*Rudyard Kipling


The rest of the Story is in my WW 2 History still in process, refuting “brainwashed” versions from the liberal media’s misinterpretations!  







Wealth, the Essence of Time!

Magnificant Hawaii Sunrise


  Our Time is of irretrievable worth,

Used well it can engender wealth;

But when it’s spent only on things of earth,

We’re robbed by old Lucifer’s stealth!


We’re blest at birth with a life-full of time,

Only God knows how long to last,

So use it wisely in life’s daily climb,

To have no regrets when it’s past!


   Awesome respect for the Creator’s Word

Is where knowledge and wisdom start,

So study the Bible, your mind to gird,  

And take all its lessons to heart! 


   Covet most dearly the joy of the Lord,

In His presence, you’ll find it There!

His Word take in hand, your defensive Sword,

Great wisdom with others to share!


The blessing of God is what makes one rich,

No sorrow He adds to the sum.

Not by our own wisdom or cunning wits,

By His might we will overcome!  


–Roberta N. Tuthill, C 12/31/2007 8:40 am+3hrs.

(To my sister, Bessie Tuthill Thompson, 12/31/1911-6/3/2006)

    P.S. The “light” turned on 12/31 at 8:40, completed 11:40 am 


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